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Let CRM keep you informed!


Extend your Microsoft Dynamics CRM* with the power of instant push notifications and one tap responses, approvals and follow-ups.


Empower your salesforce today and ensure that nothing is ever missed again.

(*) Salesforce and Sugar CRM coming soon.

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What can CRM Alerts do for you?

Notify you of a won opportunity

Get notified whenever a sales opportunity has been won so you can send a well deserved congratulations or take the needed actions.

Request and receive approval for discount

Set up CRM Alerts to send approval requests to managers and decision makers. When the approval request is received, a decision can be sent back to CRM with the tap of a button. Add your comments before sending to give the requester some information about your decision.

Notify of new lead and record follow-up

Whenever a lead is created or assigned to you, receive a push notification to follow up. Complete the call directly from the alert and finish it up with a comment and a follow up date picked from the built in calendar with a clear overview of your availability.

Escalate lapsed support cases

Receive an alert if a customer case has not been dealt with in a timely matter or within the agreed SLA. This gives you a early warning sign and an opportunity to take action to avoid unhappy customers.

Extend your custom entities

Thanks to the way CRM Alerts has been designed, taking advantage of the built in workflow functionality of Dynamics CRM, you can easily create your own alerts and approvals based on your business’ specific needs and the entities you have in your CRM system.

And endless more

The sky is the limit. Go as far as your imagination takes you.

With CRM Alerts installed in your CRM system, you can leverge the power and freedom of instant push notifications and user friendly streamlined process support to provide yourself and your fellow CRM users with not only the most recent information but also the quickest way possible to feed information back to your CRM. The result is better response time to your CRM data and better data quality in your system.

1. Install App

Download the app from the AppStore using the link below

2. Sign Up

Sign up for an account inside the app or sign an enterprise agreement

3. Install Solution

Download and install the managed solution for Dynamics CRM

4. Set up workflows

Activate one of the predefined workflows or design your own

Get CRM Alerts

Convinced about the power of CRM Alerts and the value of receiving push notifications from your CRM, head over to the App Store to download the app today! If not, get it anyway and try it out, your won’t be dissapointed.

You can also download our free starter pack which contains some workflows you can use straight out of the box to get started with sending automatic push notifications to your users.


Using Salesforce or Sugar CRM? Don’t worry, we are hard at work developing support for those CRM systems as well.

We are here to help!


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